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Next Chapter Meeting: November 9, 2021
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6:30-7:30 p.m. Live Technical Education Program


Presented by George Olear, AIA

Senior Project Manager, Architecture, Gannett Fleming, Inc.

The pandemic, rising construction costs, and skilled labor shortages have highlighted the potential of modular construction as an alternative to conventional construction and project delivery. The promise of good quality construction, budget-friendly products, combined withthe challenge of accelerated project schedules are making headlines in design and construction journals.

Modular building manufacturers and innovative designers have responded to these headlines and developed new product lines and concepts. Project types such as schools, medical buildings, bathroom pods, industrial processing centers, infrastructure support, as well as multi-story hotels and dormitories have been constructed utilizing modular construction. But has this approach provided value?

During this presentation, we will evaluate the potential attributes of utilizing modular construction for project delivery and learn how to determine if this method could provide benefits to your next project. We will briefly review the history and basic types of modular construction, provide tools for project implementation, and discuss how specifications may differ from conventional design. Examples of projects that have utilized modular construction to solve complex design problems and create uncontested market space will be examined.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the advantages of modular construction, including how it can be leveraged to suit unique project challenges.

  2. Describe how Code-required inspection processes differ between modular construction and conventional construction.

  3. Gain insights into code-compliance issues of concern with modular construction.

  4. Explore the necessity for high level quality control measures for connections and joints between modular units, to maintain weathertightness, continuity of thermal and air barriers, and tight tolerances.

  5. Evaluate if modular construction may be a worthwhile alternative to conventional construction.

Presenter Background: George is located in Gannett Fleming’s Piscataway New Jersey office. He has 29 years’ experience in architectural design and project management with diverse project types and is a member of the AIA, DBIA, Modular Building Institute, and American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE).

This program has been submitted for 1 LU/HSW with AIA CES. Certificates will be available to all attendees, issued by email following the meeting.

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The CPC CSI Board meeting will be from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m., prior to the chapter meeting. All CPCCSI members are welcome to attend (same Zoom meeting link as above).


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