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Central Pennsylvania Chapter – CSI

Dinner Meeting Program for September 7, 2017

at the Radisson, Camp Hill, PA


Presented by Eric E. Rensel, Gannett Fleming, Inc. Vice President and

Project Manager for Traffic Incident Management Systems

The buzz term of “smart cities” is receiving renewed attention due to several factors.  It is important that practicing Architects and Engineers, as well as supporting industry partners understand that smart cities are about more than the technology.  Collaboration with a myriad of people with different perspectives and different backgrounds will result in the best smart cities projects.  During this presentation, attendees will learn how to discern technology projects from smart cities projects.  Attendees will also hear about recent case studies and thought processes of communities seeking “smart” projects. Learning objectives include:

How to define a smart city project

It takes more than the application of cool technology to define a smart cities project.  Common pitfalls include selecting technology before the need is established, mistaking advanced technology deployments for smart cities projects, and failing to consider opportunities for addressing social issues in public funded projects.

What the Internet of things is and why it plays an important role in smart cities projects

Improvements in communication infrastructure is increasing bandwidth and reliability.  It is also leading to more opportunities for cybersecurity threats.  Designers can take advantage of opportunities to achieve data sharing while balancing cybersecurity threats.

Big data is another buzz term associated with smart cities.  Big data can mean large quantities of data, but can also mean data from many sources.

Understanding the dimensions of data and new capabilities for analyzing data for business purposes helps make smart cities projects smart.  It also helps with visualization and goal setting at the strategic level.

How Engineers and Architects can take leadership roles in Smart Cities projects

Successful smart cities projects requires collaboration across many sectors and from a diverse set of professionals.  However, architects and engineers possess unique skills that allow for the connection between strategy and implementation.  Our industry must assert itself on these projects and help clients in the private and public sectors achieve maximum benefit for society and project delivery.

This continuing education course will be submitted to AIA CES for 1 Learning Unit and certificates will be available for all attendees.

Our dinner meetingwill beheld at the

RADISSON HOTEL, 1150Camp Hill Bypass, Camp Hill, PA

Attitude Adjustmentat 6:00 p.m.  Dinner at 6:30 p.m.  Program at 7:15 p.m.

Dinner Cost: Free toCentral Pennsylvania Chapter CSI Members & First-Time Guests/Visitors,

$10.00 forStudents,$25.00/person for all others (pay at door w/ check or cash)


Dinner: Chef's ChoiceBuffet

Special Dietarymenus(vegetarian, low fat, low sodium or other) available upon request.

Dinner reservations,including special dietary menu requirements, must be made no later than FRIDAY, NOON, September 1,2017, by contacting Logan Myers by email at loganmyers@hotmail.com or by telephone at(570) 850-6330.


NOTICE: Board Members and Committee Chairs have a standing reservation.

Please RSVP if you cannot attend!