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Preparing for Urban Air Mobility

Presented by

Teresa L.Peterson, PE, CME, LEED AP O+M, ENV SP

and MichaelJ. Snyder, AIA

To support the growing urbanization of our planet, we need alternative transportation options that reduce congestion, pollution, noise, and infrastructure costs.

The next evolution in urban mobility is to take to the air. Similar to ground-based models of transportation, air flight of the future can be on-demand, save time, and be environmentally friendly. Flying above the congestion of our cities can provide shorter commute times, improve quality of life, and dramatically improve urban mobility. In this case study, we will feature Uber’s forward-thinking, on-demand urban air plans and discuss the infrastructure required to reshape mobility for the future. By 2023, Uber plans to unveil a working commuter air system, with air travel becoming a viable travel option for all by 2028.While eVTOL Electronic Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) passenger drones will transform our notions of passenger movement, the Skyport will provide the integral connection between the urban mobility solutions of today and tomorrow.

Solutions such as the Skyport look to enhance the user experience, while providing a space that is intuitive, inviting, safe, using transit-oriented design principles while accommodating current “last mile” modes of transportation –walking, biking, driving, and mass transit. The concept is designed to be modular to adapt to differing demand conditions required in high-demand, mixed-use areas, suburban areas, and high-density urban cores.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the driving forces behind our changing models of urban mobility.

  2. Explore trends in commuter travel and understand the integration of traditional and emerging transport modes in trip planning.

  3. Evaluate the infrastructure and operating constraints when working in high‚Äźdensity urban cores.

  4. Discover the impact of adding a Skyport to a commuter community.

  5. Use geospatial tools to define the parameters for optimized Skyport locations including commute times, traffic patterns, housing density, and trip generation models.

The presenters for this program: Teresa L. Peterson, PE, is a Vice President, Facilities Area Manager, and Project Manager for Gannett Fleming in its Marlton, New Jersey office. Michael J. Snyder, AIA, leads the architectural effort and team in Gannett Fleming’s State College PA office.

This is a FREE program.TO REGISTER and receive the Zoom URL link, email your request to our host, Ken Robinson at kbrpe@kbraengineering.comno later than 3:00 p.m. on December 8.

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This program will be submitted for 1 Learning Unit (1 hour) continuing education with AIACES. Certificates will be available to all attendees, issued by email following the meeting.

The CSI chapter meeting will be followed by the CPC CSI Board meeting from 6:00to 7:00 p.m. All CPC CSI members are welcome to attend.

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