Check out the LEAD Schedule! Be sure to get in touch with Mitch Miller if you want to attend!

This year's LEAD sessions are taking on a whole new look, as we all are experiencing the effects of the pandemic.  We will be hosting virtual LEAD session this year. These sessions are designed to allow you, as a leader or future leader, to choose the session that you are serving in, or are interested in.  You can choose one, two, or as many as you wish.You must email Mitch Miller (M2Architek AT hotmail.com) to receive an invitation to the session you have an interest in.


Zoom meetings in 30 minutes segments, led by each Region Position and Chair

ALL chapter leaders are invited to participate in their session of interest

Sessions will be lunch time frames (12:10pm to 12:40pm) in the month of July and August

Mitch Miller will host and moderate each session.  Sessions will be recorded and archived on Region Website for future use.

Presentation Content: Each session will lay out each position responsibilities via PowerPoint presentation, open up for questions and comments


LEAD: “The Virtual Future, Here Now” - July 28, 2020

            “Virtual Meetings and Virtual Networking”, Led by Cory Robbins and Jon Lattin

LEAD Zoom for Presidents and VP’s – July 29, 2020

            Led by Tom Feulner, Robert Vaughn

LEAD Zoom for Secretaries – August 4, 2020

            Steve Weisensale

LEAD Zoom for Treasurers – August 5, 2020

            Dan Cudney

LEAD Zoom for Program Committees – August 6, 2020

            David Wrigley + Mitch Miller

LEAD Zoom for Membership Committees – August 11, 2020

            Robert Vaughn

LEAD Zoom for Academic Affairs Committees – August 12, 2020

            Kevin Grega + Thad Goodman

LEAD Zoom for Certification Committees – August 18, 2020

            Mary Ellen Pfiester + Winne Sung

LEAD Zoom for Awards Committees – August 19, 2020

            Lauren Anderson + Marty Thornton

LEAD Zoom for Education/Technical Committees – August 25, 2020

            Mitch Miller

LEAD Zoom for Communications Committees – August 26, 2020

            Katherine Good

Advice for Designers from Owners & Builders

This session is hosted by CMAA Central PA, COAA PA Chapter, CSI Central PA, DBIA Alleghenies & KCA! August 26th
As a follow up from our last session, when Builders & Designers provided advice to Owners, this session will focus on advice for Designers from Owners & Builders.

This session will kickoff by reviewing the previous session and the IPO's Top Ten Pieces of Advice for Owners will be issued. This virtual event will feature big group / small group discussions. Check out the event here: EVENT

Central PA Chapter goes to Susquehanna Art Museum

Thanks to the Susquehanna Art Museum for a great tour last night! For folks in the Harrisburg area you should go and check out this gem!